The Luxor Theater Rotterdam chooses Ticketmatic

Friday, January 9th, 2015

The Luxor Theater in Rotterdam is replacing its website and ticketing system. As of the beginning of ticket sales for the new 2015-2016 theater season visitors can buy tickets online and in a very user-friendly manner. The Luxor Theater is choosing the proven packages Ticketmatic and Peppered Blocks. Peppered is also the web agency of the Rotterdam Municipal Theater and De Doelen. Besides the Rotterdam Municipal Theater and De Doelen, Ticketmatic is also used in Rotterdam by the Zuidplein Theater and Maas(stage).

The Luxor Theater wants to serve its visitors even better. A lot is possible with the new website and the new ticketing system. The website adapts effortlessly to your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Visitors can very easily log in through Facebook and buy e-tickets online. It is now also easy for the five Rotterdam venues to sell tickets for each other and eventually increase ticket sales together.

Peppered (Delft) is the market leader in the Netherlands and its customers include De Doelen, the Rotterdam Municipal Theater, Tivoli Vredenburg and Concertgebouw Bruges. Ticketmatic and Peppered work together in more than 10 theaters. With these partners, ticket sales are in good hands at the Luxor Theater and will begin in mid May 2015 for the start of the new 2015-2016 theater season.

The complete Ticketmatic team is pleased to be working with this Rotterdam theater and looks forward to a successful collaboration.

De Warande in Turnhout selects Ticketmatic

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

After thorough research, De Warande in Turnhout chose Ticketmatic as partner in ticketing and marketing. User-friendliness and quality were of central importance. Besides the extensive possibilities for ticket sales, the powerful marketing solutions and connectivity to the web site played a central role in the choice of Ticketmatic.

De Warande opened its doors in October 1972, which made it one of the first cultural centers in Flanders. De Warande has occupied a pioneering role as an art and cultural center in the region and beyond since its inception. A role that was reinforced when De Warande became a provincial cultural center in 2009. Thanks to the variety of arts and cultural offerings, the focus on meetings, and the inviting infrastructure (renovated in 2013), among other things, De Warande attracts about 250,000 visitors every year.

Ticket sales for the 2015-2016 season will start through Ticketmatic.

Roma & Rataplan Antwerp and Ticketmatic partners in ticketing and marketing

Monday, December 8th, 2014

In their search for a new ticketing system, the Antwerp houses De Roma and Rataplan chose Ticketmatic as their partner. A system tailored to the arts and culture sector with innovative capabilities in the areas of marketing and public relations and a committed partner and solid support were some important elements in this choice.

De Roma , the once notorious Cinema Roma – movie theater, show hall and meeting place -, is not only a centerpiece of Borgerhout district life, but is also well-known far beyond it. After 20 years of vacancy, the majestic hall was renovated by volunteers. Ever since, De Roma has once again become the popular theater where everyone can enjoy culture and entertainment with music, from swing, jazz, world music, pop and torch songs to classical. There is also theater, dance afternoons, folk dances, exhibitions and of course movies. In De Roma you can also get your Rataplan tickets.

Arts Center Rataplan has been the starting point for young performing artists for years. Every year many music and theater enthusiasts, young and old, attend the performances in the homey atmosphere of Rataplan. From youth to experimental theater, jazz, pop and world music.

Ticket sales through Ticketmatic start early 2015.

The Royal Theatre The Hague selects Ticketmatic

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

In the center of The Hague, in the bustling heart of the city, you will find one of the leading theaters of the Netherlands, the Royal Theater. A very modern theater in a classic house. Behind that round façade dating back from 1766 are two intimate rooms and a number of beautiful classic foyers.

The Royal Theater is the regular home base for the National Theater and but offers more than just theater productions: music, from opera to theater concerts, the great comedians and family shows.

The Royal Theater was looking for a new ticketing system. One of the criteria was the possibility of working together with the other theaters in The Hague. After an extensive selection process Ticketmatic emerged as the winner.

Ticketmatic is pleased to be able to count this leading theater among its affiliates.

Ancienne Belgique selects Ticketmatic

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

After an extensive selection and evaluation process, the Ancienne Belgique chose Ticketmatic as ticketing provider.

Ticketmatic is very proud to count a renowned venue such as the AB among its customers.

Theater Carré Amsterdam goes live successfully with Ticketmatic

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

After an intensive selection period, Royal Theater Carré chose Ticketmatic as its supplier of ticketing software.

Given the complexity of the Carré’s ticketing process, a thorough evaluation was carried out by various leading international ticketing software vendors.

Ticketmatic proved to be the strongest candidate.

Meanwhile, Carré successfully went into production and realized the first fine results such as solid operation at peak times, robust and accurate reporting, and deep integration with the Carré website.

Ticketmatic is delighted to add this prestigious theater among its affiliates.