Always have access to the latest facts with correct and up-to-date reports.
Schedule reports for easy follow-up.

Clear, concise, and precise predefined reports provide detailed information on ticket sales, financials, audience, and much more. Select periods and other parameters to get the data you need. Reports can be scheduled to email automatically to keep everyone up to date.

Ticketing services generate loads of information, and it can be hard to keep track of everything that’s happening. Many organizations have specific requirements on how to report on ticketing data, depending on event types, types of payments, audience profiles, and so on.

Besides the built-in and interactive dashboards, Ticketmatic offers a series of default reports covering key data on box office sales, online sales, financial matters, event audience lists, and event content. The Ticketmatic team is committed to building reports that contain exactly the information you need, as we know most event organizers typically only use a limited number of reports regularly.

Generate and download your reports in PDF or spreadsheet format directly from Ticketmatic, or schedule your reports to be sent by email automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Always keep the right persons in the loop, whether they have user access to your account or not. 

Report scheduling
Report scheduling
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